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You can now keep the old-school looks of Weber DCOEs, but with fuel-injection thanks to Northampton Motorsport’s DCOi carbs.

dcoi carbs

On a period engine like a Crossflow, BDA or Lotus, it’s sacrilege to bin a pair of DCOEs in favour of modern throttle bodies. But that is the reality if you’re competing, and competing to win — you use the best methods whether ancient or modern to make the engine perform at its best. Like trainers with a dinner jacket though, a set of modern throttle bodies can look ridiculous on something as classic as a Lotus Cortina. What you need are sidedraughts because sidedraughts are meant to be there and sidedraughts look right.

But you can’t beat the driveability of throttle bodies — they smooth out the most radical cams and with a well-mapped ECU, fill in all those minute gaps in the fuelling that carburettors can only compromise on. Now Northampton Motorsport have got it sussed with their DCOi carbs — classic looks with fuel-injection. Here’s how.

To download the feature as a PDF, click here: Understanding DCOi carbs

This tech guide first appeared in the October 2014 issue of Classic Ford

dcoi carbs

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