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Making your classic Ford go harder and look cooler for less – here are our top 10 budget mods.


1. Install an uprated anti-roll bar
Bigger is better, and if you want to improve your wibbly wobbly cornering tendencies then an anti-roll bar with more girth is one of the easiest ways to go. Front, rear or both, fitting an uprated anti-roll bar will transform your handling and should stop you eating glass on every sharp right-hander!


2. Use Capri struts
Bolt on shorter Capri struts and you’ve got yourself an instantly improved stance (hopefully) with a set of vented discs attached. With 2.8i Capris a relatively new car in comparison to Escorts, there’s no shortage of uprated springs, parts and discs either.


3. Go for a twin-choke carb
OK, so they may not be Weber’s finest work, but whack a twin-choke carb on a Crossflow and you’ll see instant improvements (unless it’s physically falling to bits like the one on Charlton’s Sport). You should have plenty of reliability too, without the problem of balancing twins.


4. Lowering it
A fairly obviousl one this. Everyone knows that the first step to making a cool car cooler is by beating it with the lowering stick, making it as close to the tarmac as possible. A set of lowering springs for the front and blocks for the rear won’t cost a fortune, and every penny’s money well spent.


5. Fit alloys
Again, if the budget doesn’t stretch to a set of brand-spanking-new 7×13 four-spokes, then you’ll find plenty of sets on various forums and good old eBay — if you’re prepared to fight of the hordes of bargain hunters and sky-high bidders! Aim for as much dish as possible and you can’t go wrong!


6. Bucket seats
Rip out the standard chairs, whack in a set of buckets and you’re well on your way to becoming a racing driver! Well, at least you wont get thrown around quite as much — nobody wants to end up picking themselves up off the gearstick after a ‘spirited’ roundabout!


7. Strip it
Following on from the buckets; get rid of all the sound deadening, rear seats, carpets etc and you’ve nearly reached the point at which you can fool the neighbours into thinking you’re some Stig Blomqvist-style rally god! Not ideal on a daily driver, but perfect for some weekend fun.


8. Fit quarter bumpers
Quarter bumpers transform the look of any MkI or MkII Escort’s front end. From the days where pedestrian safety was measured by how quickly someone could dodge a moving car rather than a big plastic front end and crumple zones (isn’t that filler?!) quarter bumpers rock!


9. Paint it matt black
Can’t afford a snazzy new 2-pac respray complete with air brushing and two-tone? Get the rattle cans out then! A few coats of Halfords’ finest will soon see you cruising in style and, combined with a slammed stance, you just can’t go wrong. So good even the Ed’s going to be doing it!


10. Weld the diff
The poor man’s LSD, welding the gears together is an instant route to sideways heaven! It’ll only cost you the time of an afternoon dropping the diff out, but from then on you’ll be scrubbing your way to frequent sets of tyres, great grip off the line and, well, the occasional sideways moment…