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Fitting a set of Weber DCOE or Dell’Orto DHLA sidedraught carbs to your classic Ford? Now you need cables, filters and mounting kits. Here are a few options.


Fuel pressure regulator with -6 fittings

Classic & Rally Spares stocks the genuine, competition-type Malpassi Filter King fuel pressure regulator in black, adjustable from 1.5-7 PSI and featuring -6JIC male fittings. It also includes the fuel pressure gauge (for setting up), and comes with the gauge blanking plug once gauge is removed.

DCOE to DGV/DGAS inlet adaptor

Want to run sidedraught carbs on your Essex V6? Burton Power offers an
adaptor manifold to allow a DCOE or DHLA carburettor to be fitted. The manifold converts the carb orientation from downdraught to sidedraught and as the bolt pattern for DGAS and DGV/DGAV carbs is the same, it can also be used on Pinto and Crossflow GT engines.

Mesh-style air horns

These air horns are machined from lightweight aluminium to ensure a perfect fit and the mesh guarantees an authentic period look while ensuring that larger pieces of debris are prevented from entering the carburettor. Available in 16, 30 and 60 mm heights, the air horns are suitable for 40 and 45 DCOEs.

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Linkage kit

Burton Power stocks the latest top-mounting twin cable linkage for twin Weber DCOE and DCO/SP carburettors. Made in the UK to Webcon’s exacting standards it features a billet-machined classic linkage system that includes all of the required fixtures and fittings.

Trumpet socks

Not enough space under your bonnet to run traditional air filters? Pipercross’ Universal Trumpet Socks are sold in pairs, or as a double stack version, and the compact filters fit over the vast majority of velocity stacks and inlet pipes, simply dropping over the top and gripping thanks to the inherent tension in the foam. Where more security is needed, a cable tie around the base secures the sock firmly.


45DCOE stub stacks

These nifty stub stacks improve airflow to Weber 45 DCOE sidedraught carburettors, tuned on a bench dyno to improve torque and horsepower. The kit includes twin stub stacks, Allen cap screws and locating sleeves, all designed to install within an ITG-type air filter. Filters and backplates are available for various applications.  

External return spring kit

If your motorsport regs demand that an external spring kit be fitted to stop those sidedraughts from sticking open, then Webcon now supply a bolt-on kit that adds a second return spring, should the internal return springs fail. Designed to fit to the top of the carb using the top cover screws, it’s just the ticket.

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Mounting washers and grommet set

DCOE mounting cups and grommets are now available in complete carburettor sets. The cup washers are manufactured to a very specific thickness and depth and are yellow passivate coated. The grommets are manufactured to Webcon’s very specific levels of hardness and flexibility. 

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Throttle Position Sensor Kit

Most aftermarket ignition ECUs are capable of running a 3D ignition map when used with a pair of sidedraught carburettors, and all that is usually required is a throttle position signal to evoke this functionality. The Webcon carburettor throttle position kits are supplied with all parts required to carry out this conversion and are compatible with most popular aftermarket ignition ECUs. Three kits are available to suit Weber DCOE, DCO/SP or Dell’Orto DHLA carbs.

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Heat shield

Webcon manufactures a neat heat shield for use on the Weber DCOE and DCO/SP range of carburettors — perfect for Pre-Crossflow motors, as on non-Crossflow engines the carburettors are directly above the exhaust manifold, and when exhaust heat rises up it can cause fuel handling problems in sidedraught carburettors. This new heat shield helps alleviate these issues.

This guide to essential gear for sidedraught carbs first appeared in the February 2019 issue

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