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It’s a fiddly job but you can make it easier — here’s how to align a clutch assembly on your classic Ford in five steps…

how to align a clutch

Look for a socket to fit exactly into the back of the crank. You may find only the business end of the socket will fit, but that’s fine.

how to align a clutch

Next, find a socket that will fit exactly into the middle of the clutch plate.

Find a nut and bolt to pass through both sockets. Tighten the nut and bolt, keeping the smaller socket absolutely central on the bigger one.

how to align a clutch

Fit the clutch plate and bolt the pressure plate over it loosely. Insert the tool until it fits into the crank.

Tighten the pressure plate bolts while jiggling the tool to ensure it’s central. Remove the tool and check the plate’s central.

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