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A week of Classic Ford how-to guides to get you in the garage or lock-up and working on your classic Ford — welcome to Tech Week!

The 2020 show season may be in a mess right now, but all is not lost. If you’re not quite sure what to do that’s classic Ford-based, we’ve got the answer — get back in your garage and start tinkering. Regardless of whether you’ve got plans to rip into a full-on rebuild, or just undertake some mild tuning, getting going can sometimes be a slow process.

how to port cylinder heads

Over the next week, we’ve put together a series of how-tos of popular jobs to help improve your classic Ford, that can be done and dusted and have your car back on the road in the same day — even quicker if you’ve got your mates in to help.

Which reminds us, working on cars with your mates makes the job in hand 10 times easier, far more enjoyable, and it also means it’s always someone else’s turn to make the tea…

Time to get cracking with Classic Ford’s Tech Week