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In the Classic Ford December 2019 issue available now in print and digital form, we reveal how three readers built three exclusive, showstopping Fords in time for this year’s Classic Ford Show!

In the December 2019 issue available now, we reveal how three readers built three exclusive, showstopping Fords in time for this year's Classic Ford Show!

To get all of the cars that appeared in this year’s Great Unveiling featured in the same issue was almost as
much of a Herculean task as it was getting them to the Classic Ford Show in the first place.

Begging, negotiating, begging and more begging… we employed these tactics to get the three cars ready to be photographed in time for this issue. Why? Because along with Lee Paddock’s incredible collection of vans, and John Anderson’s rather lovely, early Mk1 Escort van, we wanted all of the cars together in order to showcase the very best that the classic Ford scene gave us this summer.

Whether it’s the stunning levels of finish, outlandish engines or clever body mods, each car is a shining example of what’s so great about the old Ford scene — one that we are immensely proud to be part of. And if you thought this year was good, wait until you see what we’ve got lined up for 2020.

Also in this issue:
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Hoses and fittings: how to upgrade your oil, coolant and fuel lines

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